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Way wipers

The protection of the slideways of the machine tools is an argument which has always aroused considerable interest among the designers and manufacturers of such machines, particularly recently, now that the slideways are subjected to higher forces due to the improved performances of the cutting tools, cutting feed rates and rapid traverse rates. Long experience has produced a way wiper in an elastic material which, more efficiently than any other type, performs the task of keeping slideways clear of swarf, dust and all other abrasive materials found in the workshop environment. This has therefore given rise to the VAJ Way Wiper, the result of long, continuous research, which besides guaranteeing efficient cleaning of the slideways, increases the value of machines. They are manufactured from synthetic rubber resistant to mineral oils and cooling emulsions, with a vulcanised metal reinforced face.
They are supplied:
-In standard strips so that they can be easily adapted to the shapes of the slideways to be cleaned.
-To customers own designs, normally in one piece so that they can be mounted quickly and therefore economically to lathes, Milling Machines, Drilling Machines, Machining centres and many other forms of metal cutting machines.
There is no doubt, therefore, that designers and manufacturers can use VAJ Way Wipers in their designs and in their machine builds, confident of finding a tried and tested product which, although on a modest scale, has made and continues to make a valid contribution to improving the slideways of machine tools.