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La ditta Vaj

The History of VAJ

In 1949, Ernesto Vaj, after acquiring a solid experience in rubber manufacturing and construction and reconstruction of car tires, founded the Vaj Ernesto firm. The company dedicated itself to the automobile sector up to 1967; then the new needs arising in the Machine Tool sector encouraged Ernesto Vaj’ to design and create Way Wipers to clean the mechanical sliding rails. 

In 1974, new workforces became part of the company and thanks to the proven quality of its product, the Vaj Ernesto firm was further developed, completing its range with over 6,000 customized items. Vaj’s production quality enabled us to conquer new markets by exporting its products world round.

Vaj Ernesto e C. s.r.l. has been working in the traditional mechanical industry for more than 60 years and is currently a world leading company in planning and designing of Way Wipers for Tool Machines, Rubber and rubberized protection bellows, vibration-damping supports, special rubber washers produced in small series and based on the client’s drawing. The importance of quality, also for small details, confers an added value to the final machine.


The VAJ Brand


Choosing a scraper bearing the VAJ Brand means choosing the safety to use a reliable product, because it was born after an idea that proved itself winning in time and for the painstaking care dedicated to every single production step. Vaj scrapers have always shown to last in time, a valuable characteristic when considering the wide range of possible applications in a complex sector such as machine tools. Vaj’s production is also appreciated for the variety of shapes it offers, designed to satisfy the requests of an ever growing sector. Project after project, Vaj has built a valuable relationship with all its numerous customers, both Italian and international, represented both by large manufactures of machine tools and machine shops that perform maintenance of the machines themselves.