Production and customization of synthetic rubber and other materials way wipers.

Protecting sliding guides is crucial for performance and productivity of machine tools.

Synthetic rubber way wipers vulcanized on metal supports keep the guides clean from chips, metal dust and abrasive agents.
Nitrile rubber, resistant to mineral oils, guarantees excellent performance for machine tool guides.

We can produce way wipers in silicone rubber, fluorinated rubber (Viton) or other materials special applications.

Custom way wipers

Custom way wipers, available in different shapes. We also design and produce the necessary mold.

Standard way wipers

Standard way wipers (over 6.000 shapes) to keep your machine tool clean from metal dust and abrasive agents.

Standard way wiper strips

Manufactured in standard length, our standard way wipers strips can be easily cut and drilled to fit guides and supports.

Way wipers for telescopic covers

Manufactured in standard length, our way wipers can be easily customized to fit different telescopic covers.

Way wipers without metal facing

Made of NBR nitrile rubber, this type of way wiper can be manufactured without metal structure.

Way wipers for screws

Our way wipers for screws are available in different sizes and with or without metal support.

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