Manufactured in standard length, our way wipers can be easily cut and customized to fit different types of telescopic covers.

Customize your product

In order to request a custom way wiper, you must attach the file by clicking on "Choose file" in the form below and complete it in its parts.

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Available models

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A 4

A 5

A 6

A 19

A 21

A 23

N 1

N 2

N 3

N 12

N 4

N 5

N 6

N 7

N 8

N 9

N 10

N 11

N 12

N 13

N 14

N 15

N 16

Are you looking for a custom solution?

On request, we can offer a 360° service. Consultancy, mold design and production starting from raw materials. Several materials and solutions available to suit your application.